Convincing your Children that Santa is (actually) Real

man in santa claus costume
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As we grow older, our imagination tends to dissipate, and the thought of persuading our (wiser) children that Santa is real becomes more of a hassle than anything.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, in fact, its one of my favorite holidays. So why is this topic so difficult for us? Ill tell you why!

I despise lying to my children, and I am horrible at it, at that! I know I can’t be the only one!

We teach our children to never lie, yet here we are corrupting them into believing that a holly jolly big guy, in a wicked red suit, is leading a sleigh led by 8 reindeer, (illegally) entering houses through a chimney, just to leave them presents, and he’s doing it all in one night… it’s very traumatizing, I feel you!!

THEN we are asked the absurd questions that we have to answer, with all the senseless facts that we were told, just to keep their belief going for as long as possible so we don’t ruin their childhood! Lord, help us!

It’s the twinkle in their eyes when they see Christmas lights. The expressions they display seeing all the gifts under the big evergreen tree that they excitedly decorated. The eagerness to behave better the whole month of December (disregarding the other 11 months) to earn the gifts they think they deserve.

Lets face it, their excitement gives us those nostalgic and warm fuzzy feelings about Christmas! Knowing they’ll have those feelings, too, when they are an adult.

My noblest advice to all you mamas striving to keep this tradition alive – have them answer their own questions and roll with it! They start to believe it if they can envision it themselves, and technically you’re not lying, you’re just supporting their vivid thoughts and imagination. BAM!

As for sneaking around with gifts, you’re on your own!

I got creative one year, and hid them in my trunk. I bet you could imagine my reaction when I accidentally popped my trunk as my kid was standing right there! To your surprise, and some swift movements I managed to divert his attention and negligently slam it back down. No questions asked. That was definitely a “PHEW!” moment, no doubt. Note to self (or you) – never keep them in the trunk!

I know it’s immensely difficult this time of the year trying to keep up but, just keep on rollin’ with it moms. Because in the end, it’s all worth it! (Really!!)


Oh my! Just another mom blog

I know what you’re thinking – Another mom blog. *eye roll* This, I promise you, is one for the books so keep tuning in.

Have you ever skimmed through your social media and seen all those cute smiling kid faces? Sweet picture perfect poses of romantic couples at the peak of a mountain? The crafty Pinterest mom homeschooling her children?

Then you look up and realize it’s 10 am, you still haven’t showered, your oldest is yelling at god knows who on Fortnite, and your youngest is screaming at you for the 6394747th time because you won’t let them have a 3rd bag of M&Ms.

That’s me. Just your ordinary mother trying to raise healthy, happy and moralized human beings while keeping my sanity in the process.

This is where I will share my not-so-perfect life. I know other moms can connect on various levels because we’re not perfect and we’re not superhuman. We have our flaws, and believe me, I’m full of them!

I’m here to let you know, you’re not alone!

Cheers to you moms- y’all are amazing and always my idol! -insert corny *moms rule!* fist bump here-